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Other Entertaining Shops at Music and Video Exchange

Stage and Screen

Notting Hill Films

Stage and Screen stocks a wide range of film and TV related goods- DVDs, videos, film magazines and books, memorabilia, posters, soundtracks on vinyl and CD, film toys, film stills and lobby cards.

Our video and DVD stock comes from a diverse range of sources, so we can get our hands on out of print videos, original release copies, classic and cult films, and rarities and oddities. We always have a huge selection of bargain videos. Big name blockbusters, thrillers, comedies and more from all periods for four pounds and under.

We are stocking more and more film posters from all periods. We've got large numbers of Italian issue posters, US and UK original posters as well as reprints, all in a variety of quads, two sheets and other formats. Classic films posters, cult Warhol posters, 60s original posters have all been in stock recently. In addition we always have a large number of current and pre-release posters from contemporary films.

Book and Comic Exchange

Pembridge Road Book and Comic Exchange

Book and Comic exchange is unmatched in the Notting Hill Gate area for bargain books of all types. You'll find books that are out of print, recently published (often untouched preview copies), hard to find and books that are simply really cheap. We generally carry a selection of cult literature- Burroghs, Bukowski etc., music books, as well as classic literature, new fiction, city girl fiction, fantasy and sci fi, occult and sprituality, crime and punishment... and eveything in between.

Experts in comics for many years now, we always have a large selection of really cheap comics, and we are specialists in graphic novels, rare US 70s comics, manga and other Japanese genres....

We are overflowing with cheap copies of the music weeklies- NME, Melody Maker etc., in addition to a wide selection of back issues of magazines such as Mojo, Q, The Wire, Sight and Sound etc.

Games Exchange

Games Exchange Map

Our stock covers games from the 80s, 90s and beyond.

Platforms covered include (but are not limited to) Playstation 1&2, Dreamcast, N64, PC, Gameboy, PC Engine, Saturn, Amiga, Commodore and Spectrum. We have a particularly good selection of Megadrive and SNES games. We stock hard to find titles, older games at bargain prices, pre release promos and recently released titles. With our exchange system you can swap you old games foranything else that we sell, or sell games for cash. Our range of PC games is particularly large and we're having to reduce prices all the time. To get a good PC games bargain, come to us.

We stock a large number of new release games for Playstation 2, Game Cube and X Box, including Japanese import copies. Games we have in are changing all the time, so call or visit the shop.



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