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Terms and Conditions of Trade- ID requirements, Refunds policy etc.

The information here is provided primarily if you want to sell goods to us at our shops (for a full list of locations click here) and want to check you are able to do so. It also covers the rights we give you when buying goods from us. The contents of this information does not affect your statutory rights.

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Identification required to sell goods
Age restrictions on selling goods
Reserving goods
Refunds and guarantees
Amounts paid to customers selling goods

Identification required to sell or exchange goods

We require identification from Sellers for ALL transactions / series of transactions for which an amount of 5 or over is agreed. There are NO exceptions, even if the Seller is known to us.

One or more CURRENT official documents are needed which alone or in combination have the seller's name, address and signature.

Official documents without addresses (such as passports) must be supported by a secondary official document such as a recent utility bill made out to the same name and displaying the correct address. A recently issued FULL (not provisional) driving licence showing an EEA address is satisfactory, although as a matter of course secondary ID will also be sought if available. All non-EEA residents must also produce (in addition to proof of ID showing their permanent address), evidence of their current address in the EEA.

In all cases we must note any reference numbers from the document (i.e. passport, credit card or driving licence number). Please note that staff have no discretion to waive this rule. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you do not have suitable ID with you, goods may at the discretion of the staff be left with us while you collect ID. If you do not return within 48 hours or within a period agreed with the staff them the goods will be deemed to have been abandoned by you. A label showing your name, address and telephone number must be affixed to all goods left pending ID.

For more information on how to sell your goods to us click here


Age restrictions on selling goods

At the discretion of the staff those under 18 years of age may exchange small quantities of goods. For larger quantities and for all cash sales by you, you must show us permission from your parent or guardian and we must see acceptable ID from them. We may also need to speak to your parent or guardian by telephone.

Reserving goods

We can only reserve goods for you if you pay a deposit of 10% of the marked price. This deposit is NONREFUNDABLE. If you fail to collect the goods within 7 days, or decide that you do not want them after all WE KEEP THE DEPOSIT as an administration fee. The minimum value of goods on which we will accept a deposit is 10. The staff have no discretion to vary this. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Refunds and guarantees

Videos, DVDs, CDs and cassettes are guaranteed against faults for 7 days.

When buying in our stores, please check the condition of records as they are guaranteed against manufacturing defects but not against scratches or damage which can be detected by visual inspection.

Items returned with claimed defects will require testing before any refund can be made. To obtain a refund you must produce the item together with the till receipt and any other documentation issued at the point of sale.

This guarantee is limited to a refund of the price paid and does not extend to consequential loss or damage.

Please do not make a purchase unless you are sure that you want the item as there are no refunds or exchanges except as above or under our terms and conditions of trade. We DO NOT refund or exchange an item simply because you have changed your mind or "do not like it".

Amounts paid to customers selling goods

The amount you are paid will depend on the resale value of those items in our shops, how good a physical condition they are in, and our current stock levels of the items. Please note that we cannot quote prices on goods without seeing them- we can at most provide a general idea of the desirability of those goods.

The price at which goods are initially put on sale is not necessarily the estimated eventual selling price. Goods on sale are subject to periodic reductions in price and some items are eventually sold for as little as one penny or otherwise disposed of.

The price at which goods will sell secondhand in our shops can bear very little relation to their price when new.

Some goods cannot be put on sale for legal and/or safety reasons; we can accept these goods but you will only be paid one penny for them.

If you ask when purchasing an item what you would be paid were you to return it for resale, staff may at their discretion give you an indication of the amount you would receive if you returned it immediately and in the condition in which sold. This may or may not be what you would receive were you to return the item in the future.


In the event of any complaint which has not been settled to your satisfaction in the shop please telephone or write to the company's head office at 28 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HL.

The contents of this notice do not affect your statutory rights.



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