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How to shop online with MVE

Our shop is currently offline

The online shop is currently undergoing some much needed maintenance. If you have queries regarding existing orders, email .

How To Place Your Order

We take orders online through our secure encryption software. Click on the "shop" icon to browse through our online catalogue- just click on items to put them in your shopping trolley and then click on the checkout icon to pay. There is more help available in the shop section of the site if needed.

We can take orders by phone or email also but it is quicker and more efficient to place your order online.

Paying For Your Goods

We accept payment by Access, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Eurocard, Visa Delta and Switch - unfortunately we cannot accept cheques, postal orders or international money orders. Your order will generally be charged just before dispatch. We usually send items within 7 days, but please allow 21 days for delivery. Our shop is situated at To order, simply put items in your shopping basket and click on the "pay here" icon when you are ready to pay- follow the instructions on screen.

We do not permanently store your credit card number on database and only mail order staff will process your credit card number- if you are still worried about security, you can fax or telephone your credit card number to us- Select the "send credit card separately" option when paying. Please help us by including a daytime telephone number in all correspondence.

General Info

Our catalogue is updated once a week, and contains around 2000 items. Items are mostly from our rarities, dance music and film shops.

Postal Charges

This section if provided for your information- please note that in our online shop shipping costs will be calculated and displayed anyway when you are at the delivery details stage of ordering If you are unhappy with the cost of your order including shipping, you can back out simply by leaving the site, there is no obligation to buy until you have sent ALL your payment details.

Our shipping costs are calculated by working out an initial shipping value from the below schedule which is then heavily discounted when total shipping costs amount to more than 2.50 UK pounds.

UK shipping prices

12 inch/LPs- 2 UKP each
7 inch - 1.50 UKP each
CD - 1.50 UKP each
Video - 2 UKP each
Poster - 3 UKP each

Shipping costs for Europe are double the above, and triple the above for USA and the rest of the world. Please note Shipping costs over and above a threshold of 2.50 UK pounds are discounted by 50%. For example, a 12 inch sent to the USA is worked out at costing 6 UK pounds for the shipping costs- and then the 3.50 UK pounds over the 2.50 discount rate counts only for half, making a total shipping costs of 2.50 plus 1.75 equaling 4.25 UK pounds. Similarly, an order of three posters sent to the UK is worked out as costing 9 UK pounds, the 6.50 over and above the discount threshold counts for half and the total cost is 2.50 plus 3.25 equaling 5.75 UK pounds.

If you have any questions about shipping costs




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